domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009


I just realize that you can spend all your life looking for that special feeling, but you are just allowed to feel it for one second.

By watching 2 love movies in which the plot spins around the idea of Love: When you are looking for it or trying to forget about it, love always remains in your life, even if you dont want to.

Seeing my past love subject I can say that you cant help love when it gets you, you can only make the best of it by enjoying your own feelings.

We know after a lot of crushes and heartbreakers, that not only love makes you misserable, but it can make you happy.

So the thing that remains in your eternal journey trying to make love happen, is just a second, a second of the most blessed, joyfull, and beautiful happinses that the experience of love can bring you.
 Just one second...